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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more unanswered questions? Please feel free to reach out to us!

1. Do you remodel just kitchens and bathrooms?

We do much more than kitchens and bathrooms. Many of our projects involve things like additions, transforming home exteriors, innovative decorative tile and granite work, adding pools, and even building new homes. We are always deeply involved in the design of the project, so don’t be afraid to ask about your wildest dreams. We love challenging projects, let us know what you have in mind!

2. How does this work if I’m not in Marco Island while work is being done?

Because we are a Marco-Island-exclusive contractor, most of our work is done for absentee owners. Our systems and procedures are designed to ensure we provide the highest level of communication and follow-through for owners who often times don’t visit the project at all between the time we start and finish.

3. Who are your subcontractors?

We work with several different subs for each trade, so it is difficult to say which company will work on which project ahead of time. In order to fulfill our promise to our clients, being flexible with our partners is a must. We use only highly qualified subs who perform at our high standards and occasionally replace those who no longer fit into our culture.

4. Where do I go to select materials?

When you sign a contract with us, you will get our “Material Supplier List.” This list includes all our preferred vendors, some local, some online. Each of them has proven to be a valuable team player and we rely on them to ensure no time is wasted with poor communication, waiting for material, or getting an order wrong during your time-sensitive project. In the unlikely event that the material you want is unavailable from one of our preferred suppliers, we will work with you to find it elsewhere.

5. Can we supply our own materials?

Our exceptional finish quality and timeliness is a big part of our promise to our clients. As such, we are very hands-on in regards to quantities, delivery scheduling, fitment and other intricacies of material ordering. If this part of the project is out of our hands, there is a chance things can go wrong outside of our control, and we prefer to avoid these situations as much as possible.

6. Can we re-use existing cabinets/toilets/mirrors/etc. in our remodel?

Based on feedback from our clients throughout the years, existing items that aren’t replaced with new ones tend to become an eye-sore once paired with new materials surrounding them. In some cases, clients have recently replaced things like toilets or garbage disposals. In these situations, we can discuss re-using existing items. It is important to keep in mind that the removal, storage, and re-installation of used materials is sometimes more costly than replacing them instead. 

7. Can I do the demolition/painting/etc. myself?

Because we are licensed and insured, Certified General Contractors, everything and anything that happens on our job sites is our responsibility. Because of this, we ask that no outside help be provided.

8. Can you recommend…

Yes we can! We have had many requests to recommend moving companies, Realtors, donation companies, etc. In our “Material Supplier List” we have several of our most highly requested recommendations.

9. Will you have blueprints made so I can see the “after” floorplan?

Depending on the project, the City of Marco Island Building Department may or may not require formal plans in order to issue the permit. Most of the work we do in condos does not require formal plans, and so we pass those savings on to our clients. We will, however, provide a sketch that usually is more than enough for us to both understand what the finish layout will look like.

10. Do I get to see and approve cabinet and closet details?

Because we custom make our cabinets and closet systems, we will prepare and send you a rendering for approval before making them. During the approval process it may be necessary to go back and forth a few times to make sure cabinets and closets come out exactly the way you want them.

11. How long will the project take?

Great question! The obvious answer is, “it depends.” Because so many of the properties we work on are older, a significant portion of our work has to do with bringing things up to code (plumbing, electrical, fire penetrations, etc.) and so completion times may be a little longer than you are used to. We can safely say that a condo unit remodel usually takes about 6 months. A kitchen or bathroom remodel may be a project that takes between 3-5 months. Depending on the time of year, projects can get completed faster. Summer is our busiest season, so projects done outside of summer are usually done faster. It is best to narrow down the scope of work and starting date, so we can give you an accurate timeline for completion. 

12. How does the payment schedule work?

Our payment schedule is 40% at contract signing, 40% when all the rough work is completed, 20% when the project is completed, clean, and permits have been closed. 

13. How long does the permit take?

Since Marco Island population and therefore permit applications vary seasonally, permit times vary. We have gotten permits in as little as a week and have seen them take as long as 3 months. When discussing your project, we’ll usually have an accurate estimate for the amount of time the permit will take. Because we pull so many permits, our team is good at minimizing the turn-around time of permits by applying for them quickly, accurately, and staying on top of any requests from the city.

14. What do I do with my existing furniture/appliances?

Depending on the scope of work, it may be possible to leave your personal belonging in the home/condo unit while we work. In large scale projects or complete remodels, we will need the home/condo unit to be empty. So, we have a few recommendations to help you either move and store, donate, or sell those belongings.  

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